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mollami, laisse-moi, j'en pince pour toi, anello, bague, ring, bijoux, hands, mains, mani
j'en pince pour toi...

Mollami is an Italian play on the words

Mollami > leave me

Molla > spring


Society is changing and so are relationships

Mollami rings are the new sophisticated symbol of this, the perfect ring for the non-conformist, those troubled of heart or the ‘it’s complicated’ lovers!

Mollami is the anti-diamond, the non-engagement ring.

Designed using the concept of a peg spring (molla), it could be viewed as a symbol of a

fluctuating relationship, or given as a gift to mark the end of a partnership.

Anyone can wear Mollami and interpret the ring according to their personal story. Some might wear it during a break-up, to transform the sorrow in beauty.

Others might use it as a statement whilst in an undefined relationship, to forge a connection where marriage is not on the cards. 


At a time where more people are choosing to remain amicable in parting, to ‘consciously uncouple’ for the sake of family or ongoing friendly relations,

Mollami can be a beautiful signifier of the end of a story, and the start of a new chapter…


There are many ways to wear Mollami… because love today is complicated.


Created by Marta Rossi

Costume and set designer




Photographer : Lorenzo Del Francia

Photographer assistant : Matthieu Boutignon

Hands models : Amelie Javegny, Damien Petit

Packaging : Atelier Figura/Sfondo

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